Ethnic percussion

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Ethnic percussion

Ethnic percussion


We use only high quality and eco-friendly materials. Our company cares deeply for the environment and follows the CITES guidelines for free cutting and planting.


Combining tradition with modern design and production techniques creates a dazzling look and full sound. The product line is suitable for all types of players.

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Our products are handmade in the homelands of ethnic percussion, to the highest quality standards, and feature superb craftsmanship


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YUKA is a brand-new name on the market of innovative instruments, but among musicians it is already associated with outstanding quality and design efficiency. The name YUKA is inspired by Africa: the Bantu word ‘yuka’ means “to beat”. In the music world, YUKA is beating off competition with its unbeatable combination of great quality and affordable prices.


In the rich YUKA assortment you will find popular ethnic instruments from all over the world – djembe, goblet drums or darbukas, didgeridoo, udu drums, African talking drums and even hang drums. The range includes instruments for both beginners and professional musicians – from djembe made from a single piece of mahogany to lightweight travel models made from PVC with synthetic membranes.


YUKA products are handcrafted in Indonesia, home to many ethnic instruments and the finest woods. Here, on YUKA’s own plantation, a valuable species widely used in musical instruments production – mahogany – is born. The company is environmentally conscious and, in accordance with the CITES guidelines, controls tree cutting and replanting. Thus, combining tradition with modern possibilities and the great masters’ art with cutting-edge technologies, YUKA instruments acquire their recognizable look and sound, sure to satisfy even the most demanding musicians.

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